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Lacquerware [Pen Holder]

Lacquerware [Pen Holder]

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Lacquerware [Pen Holder] is created using traditional lacquer techniques, featuring a design of gold-painted freshwater shrimp. It adds a refined and fresh ambiance to any indoor space. The production process involves first creating a clay or wooden base, which is then coated with layers of lacquer using silk cloth. Several layers of lacquer and ash mixture are applied, followed by the removal of the inner mold. Multiple rounds of filling, lacquering, polishing, and decorative work are carried out. The notable characteristics of lacquerware include its resistance to water immersion, resistance to deformation even at extreme temperatures such as freezing or boiling points, as well as excellent corrosion resistance, preventing the lacquer from peeling or fading.

漆器[笔筒], 古法大漆,描金齐白石的虾,为室内增加文清新的情境气氛。制作方法:先做好泥胎或木胎,然后以绸布用漆裱上,连上数道漆灰料,然后脱去内胎,再加以多次填灰,上漆,打磨,装饰等工序而成。特点是不怕水浸,在温度达冰点或沸点时都不会变形,落漆或褪色,而且有极好的耐腐蚀性。

14.3 x 12.5 cm
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