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Cloisonné [Lucky Rabbit Jewelry Box]

Cloisonné [Lucky Rabbit Jewelry Box]

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Cloisonné [Lucky Rabbit Jewelry Box] is crafted using traditional ancient techniques, with intricate cloisonné inlay of various precious gems. The manufacturing process is complex, resulting in a vibrant color palette and a refined texture. The overall design exudes exquisite beauty, combining a sense of antiquity with elegance.

景泰蓝[吉兔首饰盒], 传统古法工艺,景泰蓝镶嵌百宝,工序复杂, 色彩明艳,质感细腻,精丽古雅

Length: 10.5, Width: 10.5, Height: 6 cm

Net Weight: 397g
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