Tracing the Roots of Our Journey

Crafty Crafty is a platform founded by a group of passionate National University of Singapore students who strive to preserve traditional crafts in Southeast Asia. Our initiative is fueled by the alarming observation that some traditional crafts are on the brink of extinction in Singapore and beyond. Crafty Crafty was created to reinvigorate and modernize these crafts while maintaining their traditional essence. As young people, the founders feel a sense of responsibility to preserve these crafts and offer a fresh perspective. We believe that Crafty Crafty can play a significant role in preserving traditional crafts in Southeast Asia.

Crafting a Unique Identity for Our Brand

Although the term 'Crafty' can carry a negative connotation, it also denotes skill and expertise in craftsmanship. This dual meaning embodies the contrasting nature of our brand, which is precisely why we chose it. Our name contradicts the negative connotation it may imply, as our work has a positive impact on society. Moreover, our brand represents the intersection of modernity and heritage. This reflects our mission to bridge the gap between past and present, while celebrating the timeless art of craftsmanship.

Crafty Crafty Traditional Craft Logo

Youthfully, Playfully Crafty

The first 'crafty' is adorned with a lively and youthful portrait that symbolizes the evolution of crafts from traditional to modern, and the transfer of this legacy to the younger generation.

Crafty Crafty Traditional Craft Logo

Traditionally, Seriously Crafty

The second Crafty employs Ortica Bold, a serif font with clean and sharp lines reminiscent of those found in traditional crafting. Our objective for this design is to maintain a traditional and elegant aesthetic.

Crafty Crafty Traditional Craft Logo

The Embodiment of Craftsmanship

We drew inspiration from these regional crafts for our logo. Of course, our preservation efforts go beyond these crafts.